Where has the year gone? With 2018 fast approaching, we begin to think about our 2018 New Year’s resolutions. Before you write yours, check out this list of potential ultimate travel and adventure ideas for inspiration!

  1. Visit the smallest National Park in the world known as Kotzebue National Park - a lone tree near a town in Alaska, Northwest Canada OR Visit the Amazon Rainforest, Northwestern Brazil. 
  2. Spend a week in a foreign location where no-one speaks your language OR Disconnect from social media/the internet for a month.
  3. Go Shark Cage Diving OR Jump in the Crocodile Cage of Death, Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin, Australia.
  4. Walk to Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal OR Climb the steps to Heaven’s Gate, Tianmen Mountain, China.
  5. Learn to cook a foreign dish OR Cook a home dish from scratch for someone else.
  6. Visit all seven continents OR Visit seven cities.
  7. Sleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere OR Sleep in a treehouse.
  8. See the New Year in a different country OR Spend Christmas away from home.
  9. Attend Glastonbury Festival OR Coachella Festival.
  10. Watch wild penguins return to land OR Watch newly hatched turtles head to the ocean.
  11. Catch a wave with a surfboard OR bodyboard.
  12. Skydive OR Indoor skydive.
  13. Drive Route 66, United States OR The Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.
  14. Float in the Dead Sea, Asia OR Swim in Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia.
  15. Find street art in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia OR Visit Warsaw’s street art, Poland.
  16. Swim with Whale Sharks OR Swim with Dolphins.
  17. Ride an elephant in the jungle OR Ride horseback on the beach.
  18. Dine in the sky OR Skywalk.
  19. Live from a backpack for one month OR Live from a suitcase for one year.
  20. Watch the sunset OR Sunrise for every country you visit.
  21. Go to a music festival OR Food festival.
  22. Teach your language in a foreign country OR attend a volunteering project abroad.
  23. Visit Lisbon’s Doll Hospital, Lisboa, Portugal OR Visit MONA, Hobart, Tasmania.
  24. Visit a casino in Vegas OR Visit the West End in London.
  25. Hold a tarantula OR Hold a snake.
  26. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef OR Take an African Safari.
  27. Attend a full moon party OR See the festival of light, Thailand.
  28. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands OR Leave your country without an itinerary.
  29. Fruit pick for one week OR Work in the agricultural sector. 
  30. Make a travel video OR Share your travel photography. 
  31. Explore your own country OR Visit your capital city.
  32.  Learn origami OR Learn the basics of a new language.
  33. Meet someone in the most random place OR Reconnect with a friend from a past trip.
  34. Pass on a skill to someone else OR Learn a valuable skill from someone.
  35. Live through four seasons of the year OR See snow.
  36. Stand at the equator at latitude zero OR Visit the North/South Pole.
  37. Visit the ancient pyramids, Egypt OR Visit the Taj Mahal, Agra, India.
  38. Stargaze OR Watch the Northern Lights.
  39. Visit the Titanic Experience museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland OR Travel on the Venice Simplon Orient Express.
  40. Visit Japan’s Parasite Museum, Meguro Parasitological, Tokyo OR Visit the London Science Museum.
  41. Take a cable car ride OR Zip line.
  42. Climb an active volcano OR Climb to the top of a mountain.
  43. Take a hot air balloon ride OR Try paragliding.
  44. Attend a TED conference OR Hold a TED conference.
  45. See the Hollywood sign, Los Angeles, California OR See the Las Vegas sign, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  46. Swim under a waterfall OR Walk behind a waterfall.
  47. Go sailing OR Stay in a houseboat. 
  48. Swim in the infinity pool, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore OR Swim in the worlds largest pool, San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile.
  49. Learn to make fire without matches OR Plant a tree.
  50. Walk the Great Wall of China OR Walk along the longest wall in Europe, Hadrian's Wall, England.
  51. Go on the London Eye OR Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris.
  52. Donate blood OR Run a marathon for charity.
  53. Go whale watching OR Try deep-sea fishing.
  54. Collect one object from every travel location OR Start a collection of something.
  55. Hide something and leave a map OR Send a note in a bottle.
  56. Conquer your greatest fear OR Learn to live without a favourite possession.
  57. Learn to surf OR bodyboard.
  58. Drive a supercar OR Ride in a limousine.
  59. Travel alone OR Travel with friends.
  60. Experience zero gravity OR Bungee jump.
  61. Go to the Olympics OR Attend a World Cup sports match.
  62. Stay in the ice hotel, Sweden OR Visit an underwater restaurant or bar. 
  63. Wine taste OR Make your own wine.
  64. Kayak OR White-water raft.
  65. Go husky sledding OR Reindeer sledding.
  66. Get lost in a city for the first time OR Travel with a local tour guide.
  67. Spend Christmas on the beach OR Spend Christmas in the snow.
  68. Ride on the back of a motorbike OR drive a motorbike.
  69. Ghost hunt OR Walk through a deserted location.
  70.  See a solar eclipse OR Experience a lunar eclipse.
  71. Sleep in a glass igloo, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland OR Camp in the Sahara Desert, Africa.
  72. Complete a PADI qualification OR take a scuba diving lesson.
  73. Attend a drive-in movie screening OR Attend an aqua screen movie. 
  74. Visit a pink beach OR Visit a pink lake.
  75. See your top 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites OR Visit your top 10 countries.
  76. Sandboard OR Snowboard.
  77. Ride a camel through the desert OR See a wild polar bear in Antarctica.
  78. Travel the Natural Seven Wonders of the World OR Travel the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World.
  79. Travel the world in 365 days OR Conquer 365 days of travel plans.
  80. Try Zorbing OR Ride a dune buggy.
  81. Experience First Class OR Experience Business Class.
  82. Interrail Europe OR Backpack the East Coast of Australia.
  83. Coach Surf OR Air BnB.
  84. Stay in a 5-star hotel OR Stay in the cheapest hostel in your travel location.
  85. Ski OR Ice Skate.
  86. Be the animal in the cage on an African Safari OR Visit a night zoo.
  87. Ride a Segway OR Try a tandem bike.
  88. Find a deadly spider OR Find a deadly snake in Australia.
  89. Run along the beach whilst the sun rises OR Sit on the beach and watch the sunset.
  90. Tea taste in China OR Drink a Guinness in Ireland.
  91. Write a journal for one year of travel OR Fill a best moments jar.
  92. Have dinner in a restaurant by yourself OR Have dinner with someone you’ve only just met.
  93. Walk the base camp of Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia OR explore Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Australia.
  94. Experience a treetop adventure OR Visit an adventure water park.
  95. Eat something scary to you but popular in the location you’re in OR Attend an event unique to that location.
  96. Gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda OR Visit the Monkey Sanctuary in Bali, Indonesia.
  97. See the Statue of Liberty, New York OR Christ the Redeemer, Brazil.
  98. Take a boat across a saltwater alligator invested lake OR Watch Great White Sharks approach a shark cage dive from the top deck.


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