If you’re not yet in love with Beijing, you’re about to fall hard after seeing the top places to visit in and around the city…  

The Summer Palace, Beijing

Spend a day at the Summer Palace Beijing gardens for temples, lakes, architecture, city skylines and beautiful sunsets.

Summer Palace Beijing temple
Summer Palace Beijing gardens
Summer Palace Beijing bridge
Summer Palace Beijing

The Great Wall of China, Beijing

Trek the Great Wall of China solo.

The Great Wall of China no crowds
The Great Wall of China no crowds
The Great Wall of China

Temple of Heaven, Beijing 

Spend half the day at Temple of Heaven park. If you're looking to take photographs without the crowds, make sure you head down early. 

Temple of Heaven park
Temple of Heaven garden and park
Temple of Heaven architecture

The Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square, Beijing 

The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square for Chinese architecture and history.

Forbidden City Beijing
Forbidden City architecture
Tiananmen Square Beijing at night

Hutong Streets, Beijing 

Explore the narrow streets of Beijing. 

Hutong alleyways Beijing
Hutong streets Beijing

Wander & Explore Beijing 

Hire a bike or wander the city to gain a real sense of place. Try new food, look around the markets, meet new people and enrich yourself in a new culture. 

Beijing scenes
wild dogs Beijing