You've finished the East Coast or just touched down in Oz and plans to visit Uluru have already crossed your mind multiple times.  

It’s a challenging trip to plan considering the Rock sits in the centre of Australia found in the Northern Territory. 

Catching a flight to Uluru often comes at a hefty price and that's before you've sorted transport, accommodation and food. Plus, flying out to the Northern Territory means you may miss the excitement of exploring other popular sights on route to the Rock including Coober Pedy and the Southern Flinders Ranges, dependent on your starting point.

Arguably, a trip to Uluru is best experienced on the road. If you have a car and wish to start your rock road trip from Adelaide, this may be the perfect 6-day itinerary for you. However, if you're not in a position to plan your trip independently or wish to experience a road trip with a group, consider a tour with providers such as Groovy Grapes. You'll see many of the sights mentioned in this guide and won't miss out on a once in a lifetime road trip experience to the outback! 

Day 1 - Leave Adelaide city and head to Clare Valley for wine tasting. Continue your drive and stop at the Southern Flinders Ranges…

Begin your road trip by passing through Clare Valley from Adelaide city. Take some time to taste Southern Australian wine and indulge in the country sights - keep an eye out for kangaroos. 

Clare Valley South Australia
Clare Valley Australia
Clare Valley South Australia

Continue your road trip to Uluru, the Northern Territory and pass through the Southern Flinders Ranges. With plenty of walks and scenic stops, you'll soon accustom yourself to the mountainous ranges.

Be sure to stop off at Mount Remarkable National Park which offers a number of bushwalking trails with Alligator Gorge as one of the most popular for a short, peaceful but adventurous trek. 

Set up camp at Stony Creek campground. 

Sleep under the stars in a swag bag next to the fire  - one of the highlights of the Groovy Grape Rock Tour... 

Australia swag bag by the fire
Collecting wood
Swag bag by the camp fire

Day 2 – Lake Hart (Woomera) Saltwater Lake & Coober Pedy – the boy who found Opal…

Continue your second-day road trip to Uluru by heading to Coober Pedy, a small town where over 90% of the population live underground. Also known widely as the Opal Capital of the World.

The environment begins to change as you enter further and further into the outback and closer to the Northern Territory. 

Stop off at Lake Hart (Woomera) saltwater lake.

Lake Hart Salt Water Lake Australia
Lake Hart Salt Water Lake

Prior to your arrival at Coober Pedy, make sure you have booked some form of accommodation. A few hostels exist in the small town and you'll be able to experience sleeping underground. However, make sure you book in advance to guarantee a bed for the night. 

Things to do during your short stay at Coober Pedy: 
1. Explore the town in which many known movies have been filmed including Kangaroo Jack and Mad Max. 
2. Head to the underground church. 
3. Take an underground tour and learn all about the history of Coober Pedy, the opal world and the way of life in the town. 
4. Visit the Kangaroo Sanctuary - Josephine's Kangaroo Orphanage. 
5. Walk to the highest accessible point in the town and watch the sunset. 

Coober Pedy Sign
Underground church at Coober Pedy

Day 3 - Watch the sunrise over Coober Pedy and make tracks to Mount Conner. Visit Curtin Springs prior to your arrival at Uluru campground. Watch the sunset over Uluru and Kata Tjuta...

Often mistaken for Uluru, Mount Conner makes for spectacular photographs as you enter the Northern Territory and make closer tracks to Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park. Stop off at Curtin Springs for refreshments and explore the wildlife park. 

On arrival at Uluru campground, visit the camels and explore the campsite which includes a pool.

Two cheeky camels gave a huge grin for the camera!

Two cheeky camels gave a huge grin for the camera!

Head up to the Ewing Lookout for spectacular views.

To enter the national park you must purchase a pass - if you take a tour to Uluru, this will be covered in the package.

Ewing Lookout Uluru
Uluru Northern Territory campground

Grab some drinks and find the perfect spot to watch the sunset over Uluru and Kata Tjuta.  

Uluru sunset
Sunset Kata Tjuta
Sunset Kata Tjuta

Day 4 - Visit the Cultural Centre before you begin your Base Walk around Uluru. Consider an Uluru sunset skydive... 

Spend the first hour of your morning at the Cultural Centre to learn the history of Uluru and the Indigenous community. It's important to understand their story and respect their wishes during your visit to Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. The Cultural Centre also offers the chance to purchase aboriginal art. 

The Cultural Centre opens at 7 am to 6 pm. It's always a good idea to get here as early as possible so you can start your base walk before midday prior to the heat. During humid seasons, the afternoon heat may be too unbearable for long walks - the earlier opportunity to walk, the better. 

The Uluru Base Walk covers approximately 10km and completion of the loop usually takes around 3.5 hrs. Make sure you pack plenty of water and stay hydrated. Heat exhaustion and risk of dehydration are common issues, especially with little opportunity to refill or purchase bottles in the surrounding environment. 

If you do not wish to trek the full Base Walk of Uluru, there are smaller walking experiences on offer. You can find all this information at the Cultural Centre.  

Uluru Base Walk Northern Territory
Uluru Base Walk Northern Territory

Spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the campsite and consider a sunset skydive over Uluru...

Uluru sunset skydive
sunset Uluru

Day 5: Watch the sunrise at Kata Tjuta lookout and decide on a walk to explore Kata Tjuta National Park, the Valley of the Winds...

Pack up camp and head to Kata Tjuta.

Alike to Uluru, there are several walking routes at Kata Tjuta. The full circuit takes approximately 4 hours to complete the 7.4 km but there are shorter walks available. Routes may involve climbing stoney pathways and uneven surfaces which can be physically demanding but the views are incredible if you're up for the challenge! 

Kata Tjuta National Park

Set up camp at Kings Canyon campsite and enjoy your last night sleeping under the stars.

Day 6 - Explore Watarrka - Kings Canyon, take a camel ride and finish your road trip in Alice Springs...

Make your way to Kings Cayon from Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park for another day of hiking multiple routes with different grade levels.

Outback Australia signs
Kings Canyon Watarrka signs
Kings Canyon Australia
Kings Canyon Australia

After trekking the Kings Canyon, take on the road to Alice Springs and squeeze in a quick camel ride on route!

Camels Northern Territory Australia

Finish your rock tour by booking into a hostel in Alice Springs. You need approximately 1-2 days to explore this town before you hit the road again to head up to Darwin, or head back to the East Coast.

Enjoy your time!

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