Here are all the things you need to know about shark cage diving in Australia...

Location for Shark Cage Diving in Australia

Port Lincoln, South Australia. 

If you’re looking to shark cage dive with Great White Sharks in Australia, you must head to the best, and only place, Port Lincoln, South Australia. 

If you’re looking to dive with the Whale Sharks, you’ll need to head to Exmouth, Western Australia. 

Accommodation recommendation in Port Lincoln for shark cage diving

YHA Port Lincoln Youth Hotel approx. $27 per night. Debi and Robert will take care of you and ensure you have a great stay!

How to travel to Port Lincoln, Australia

It’s possible to drive to Port Lincoln from Adelaide and highly recommended if you’re on a road trip to South Australia or heading to Melbourne to start the East Coast. You can adjust your road trip to pass highlights such as the Pink Lake, and it's geinuely a plesant drive. 

You can fly direct to Port Lincoln from Adelaide, however flying anywhere else will require connecting flights. From Adelaide, a one-way ticket will cost approx. $145-165 AUD and higher rates for connecting flights. 

The regularity of flights to Port Lincoln will be dependent on the airline provider and time of booking. Booking in advance usually saves a few dollars when flying to this particular location. 

How much will a Shark Cage Dive in Port Lincoln, Australia cost? 

Dependent on the provider and whether you decide on a dive or spectator package. The shark cage dive cost ranges from $200-395 for a spectator and $495 for a dive (one-day charters).   

Operator Recommendation: 
Calypso Star Charters – surface shark cage dives (no experience required).
Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions – expeditions and floor cage dives (may require diving experience). 

When's the best time to go shark cage diving in Australia?

Always check the provider's website for the latest shark sightings and their advice on the season and sighting variations. 

It is possible to see sharks anytime of the year but there are specific times where the chance of sightings will be much higher. Often, this is linked to breeding season and activity of seals around Neptune Island. 

However, predictions are difficult and never certain - you never know what's in store with wild animals

If you happen to, unfortunately, not see any sharks on your trip, you'll be refunded in some way or another. You may even be given a voucher to swim with the sea lions... 🙄

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Top tips for first-time shark cage diving

Your first-time shark cage diving can be exciting but also nerve-wracking and sometimes it helps to know a little extra to put your mind at rest... 

  1. Always ask the team for help or advice with any questions you may have.
  2. Practice on the regulator before jumping into the cage. 
  3. Breathe normally through the regulator and take it slowly whilst getting in. Your body will need to adjust to the temperature of the water which might affect your breathing, to begin with. Once you're in, just breathe as you would and enjoy the crystal clear water of Neptune Islands.
  4. It may be a good idea to wait until your group are in the cage first, or the more experienced, so when it comes to your turn, you can take as much time as you like to adjust and get under.  
  5. You'll usually be in the cage for 30-45 minutes depending on your group size and how long the shark decides to stay. You can easily return to the surface at any point. 
  6. Take seasick tablets before the boat trip out to sea. You’ll be on the boat for 2-3 hours from Port Lincoln harbour to Neptune Islands so if you suffer from motion sickness make sure you have prepared yourself. You'll want to enjoy the sunrise as you head closer to the entrance of the Spencer Gulf with possibilities of spotting dolphins!
  7. With surface dives, the cage will move around a little - completely normal, don't panic.
  8. Make sure you eat well in the morning but not too much prior to your dive
  9. Stay hydrated
  10. Don't stick your camera outside of the cage...or your arms, legs etc. You'll have weights on and you'll be able to pop your feet under a metal bar to stabilise yourself. 
  11. When you're not in the cage, observe the shark activity from the top deck or the screen monitors.
  12. Enjoy every single moment and tick Great White Sharks off your bucket list!
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Things to do in Port Lincoln after shark cage diving

You'll only need some two to three days in Port Lincoln including shark cage diving. 

  1. Coffin Bay National Park for sandboarding.

  2. Lincoln National Park.

  3. Port Lincoln town to explore antique shops. 

  4. Port Lincoln jetty early morning for a swim. DO NOT swim in the open water. 

  5. Fish off the jetty

  6. Hit the road and explore the Eyre Peninsula.

sand boarding coffin bay national park